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Nightcap is something completely new for GUY FOX. After previously focusing on versatile, everyday fragrances, we set out to create a multi-layered, rich scent with classically masculine notes and serious longevity. Good news: We nailed it.

Nightcap is so unique we created a brand new collection to release it. Founder's Reserve will feature limited quantity, high-end fragrances that are too exciting to keep to ourselves.

Scent Note Breakdown:
Top Notes: Bitter Orange, Pipe Tobacco, Malt, Fresh Ginger, Coriander, Nutmeg
Mid Notes: Aged Bourbon, Oak, Vintage Leather, Oud, Milk, Pimento
Base Notes: Charred Vanilla, Sandalwood, Dry Amber, White Musk

Scent Family: Smoky, Woody, & Leathery
Featured Notes: Aged Bourbon | Vintage Leather | Charred Vanilla

Meet the first fragrance in our new luxury line: Nightcap. Designed for chilly date nights, long winter walks, firesides with old friends, and late night lounging. Perfect for a night like tonight.

Nightcap is unlike anything we've ever released. Its rich, intoxicating combination of Bourbon, Leather, and Vanilla results in something truly special and lasts all day.

1 of 500: Each premium, American leather sleeve is hand-numbered & hand-stitched by Tactile Craftworks, with only 500 made.