The Shavior - Razor Burn - Bump & Ingrown Hair Remedy

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Barber-approved treatment provides noticeable and quick relief from razor irritation, razor bumps & ingrown hairs. Effective as both a spot treatment or aftershave supplement, botanical-loaded lotion imparts a just-right ratio of soothe & bite to solve shaving issues. Contains ingredients that calm down post-shave inflammation & irritation & do away with unwanted bacteria. Glycolic Acid exfoliates dry/dead skin to release unsightly & uncomfortable ingrown hairs. Recipient of the esteemed Men’s Health Men's Grooming Award. Glycolic Acid: Regenerates collagen, evens skin tone & thickens the many layers of skin making skin less likely to break out, more likely to recover from harsh treatment. Allantoin: Long-time ingredient in anti-aging products helps soften & actively soothe the skin. Protects skin by stimulating cell regeneration. Bisabolol:Tames inflammation, including itching & redness. Reduces the signs of aging such as wrinkles, age spots & unsightly scars. Size: 3oz.